When a new course is launched, students have the opportunity to take it live with the instructor. Live courses run for three weeks and include class discussion, study hall, and weekly live Q&A’s. 

You can find more details about the live course experience here.

Live course tuition is $195 per course


After a live course has concluded, the course will be available in The Writers Conservatory library, where students can take the course at their own pace.

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Library course tuition is $125 per course


Purchase all the live courses from each Faculty member launching in a designated quarter. This will include one core, one fantasy, and one romance course that run consecutively through the quarter with a 15% discount. The tuition of full-quarter enrollment is $497.

Summer Full-Quarter Enrollment is available until July 14th, 2024.

Enroll for Summer 2024

By choosing a major, you will have access to all live courses launched in your Major during the calendar year. Each quarter you will have the opportunity to take your course live. For 2024, you will receive access to three courses over the span of the year that fall under your chosen Major with a 15% discount. The tuition of enrolling as a Major is $497.

Major enrollments for 2024 are no longer available but will be back in 2025.

Enrolling for the Full-Year means that you will receive all courses launched in the calendar year across all Majors with the ability to take them live. For 2024, that means three Core, three Fantasy, and three Romance courses with a 20% discount.

The tuition of enrolling for the Full-Year is $1,405. No longer available for 2024 but will return in 2025.

Students can create a custom course schedule by selecting any three courses from The Writers Conservatory library for a 15% discount. The tuition of any three library courses purchased together is $319.

If you are in need of financial assistance, you can find our scholarship information here.

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