Our Initiatives

The Writers Conservatory is passionate about making quality craft and business teaching more accessible to writers who have financial barriers that prevent them from acquiring the resources they need. We also believe that elevating diverse voices enriches the literary landscape and contributes to a better future for the arts, as well as our world. 

Each quarter, nine scholarships will be awarded to writers with financial barriers, with a portion of our scholarships specifically designated for individuals from underserved communities.

Scholarship eligibility includes, but is not limited to:

  • Low-income households
  • ALAANA individuals
  • Those with disabilities
  • LGBTQ+ community

Students can apply here to join our evergreen scholarship pool, where their application will remain active indefinitely unless they choose to pull it from the system. Once chosen, scholarship recipients will have the ability to take any course being offered live in that quarter or any past course available in our library.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is integral to The Writers Conservatory mission. The Writers Conservatory has invested in the expertise of trauma-informed and diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals to ensure that our courses are accessible and align with best practices. Everything from the topics, to the structure of our courses, to our faculty selection, is designed to create a safe, supportive space for writers from all backgrounds.

The Writers Conservatory donates 1% of our net profits to organizations dedicated to making an impact on representation, literacy, and access to writing resources. For the 2024 year, we are proud to support the 501(c)(3) non-profit We Need Diverse Books in their valuable work of advocating for essential changes in the publishing industry to produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people.

If you would like your organization to be considered for future partnership, please contact us here. If you are interested in partnering with The Writers Conservatory’s efforts in another way, please contact us here.