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Live courses have scheduled content over a three week period. Library courses are taken at your own pace. 

Students taking the live course should expect to dedicate 3-6 hours a week to the course, depending on level of participation, with opportunities to dive deeper for those who wish to. You can find out more about our live courses here. Live Q&A's are scheduled for Saturdays, 12 PM EST.

The faculty interacts with their students in live courses through weekly class discussion and weekly live Q&A’s to answer student-submitted questions.

Live courses are taken live with the instructor and fellow students with scheduled course content, which includes class discussion and live Q&A’s. Library courses are taken at the student’s own pace and do not include the interactive elements of class discussion and live Q&A’s. 

No, The Writers Conservatory is neither an accredited program nor is it affiliated with an accredited institution of higher learning.

No, assignments are simply for your personal improvement. If you would like to share your assignments with classmates during the live course, you are welcome to do so in Study Hall.

Each course has a total of 9 lectures, each ranging from 10 - 20 minutes in length. 

Discussion questions during live courses are not reviewed for grades or participation, but will serve as an opportunity for students to interact with their Faculty member.

Discussions are always reviewed by The Writers Conservatory administration to ensure adherence to our Community Guidelines. 

Questions for the Live Q&A are submitted throughout the week with submission closing on Thursdays at 12pm EST.

No, participation in group discussions or Live Q&A's is not mandatory, but highly encouraged to reap the benefits of collaboration with peers and input from Faculty.


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The Writers Conservatory faculty is thoughtfully curated to represent a cross section of genres, publishing paths, and communities with a focus on course topics that enhance and support The Writers Conservatory vision.

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